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About Us

Our company was established by combining two professions: design and construction. As a result, we have the entire process of creating a house under our control, which allows to create thoughtful, functional spaces where we feel safe and can relax. When creating our first house, we thought of feeling in it as if we were on vacation, so that it would be an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and we managed to achieve our goal. Many factors contribute to such an effect: Engineering, the use of modern solutions; Craftsmanship, knowledge of psychology and human needs. We opted for natural materials, timber frame construction and CLT, which we understand and which is in line with our beliefs. We are aware of its strengths and limitations. For us, work is a way to pursue our passion. We build houses to serve their users. If this philosophy aligns with your beliefs schedule a meeting with us to discuss about your home.


Our mission is to create houses that meet the needs of modern users, as well as to build their awareness. It is achieved through the joint design and construction of houses that meet the following attributes:


1. Functionality

No unnecessary space. A well-thought-out house in a timeless style will serve for many years.

2. Durability

Thoughtful, solid construction, use of appropriate materials such as certified wood, insulation, foundations, etc.


3. Rationality

Making the future user aware to make the best decisions for themselves, i.e. balancing construction costs and maintenance and heating costs.

4. Short execution time

Our work is carried out at any location in Europe with as little interference with the existing terrain as possible, while keeping the place where the house is erected clean and tidy.

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5. Naturalness

Contact with the nature through large glazing, natural materials which translates into better well-being, health, aesthetics, environment), we create a house to relax and feel good in it.

6. Energy efficiency

Good thermal insulation, proper heating and ventilation (recuperation) provide low maintenance costs, care for the environment.


Our team of specialists

Our knowledge and experience result from many years of working on demanding projects. We are a design and construction company. Our team of specialists consists of architects, builders, installation designers as well as engineers, carpenters and contractors, so we can make our clients’ visions a reality, in such a way that they can feel secure and safe.

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