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Modern wooden construction
Our company specializes in the design and construction of wooden houses, both in timber frame technology and CLT. We use KVH, BSH and CLT certified wood for construction, which guarantees the quality and durability of buildings in any weather conditions for many years. The material is obtained from trusted suppliers. Wooden house is a durable, energy-efficient and healthy construction.

Comprehensive implementation. Design + Construction
We implement our project from design to execution. As a result, we have full control over the entire process and we are able to construct the house according to the intended design. This is possible thanks to the continuous cooperation experience of a team of architects, builders and contractors. You decide what scope of work you want to entrust into our hands. You can choose a shell or developer state.

Price guarantee
Cooperation with us provides you with an idea of how much your house will cost. You know the scope of work and what affects the final price. We prepare a clear offer that will meet your expectations and possibilities.

Houses 35 m2 – 250 m2
We build houses in different scales, starting from individual recreation buildings and ending with comfortable year-round houses. All our houses are energy-efficient and meet the requirements for year-round homes.

Team of specialistsOur knowledge and experience result from many years of working on demanding projects. We are a design and construction company. Our team of specialists consists of architects, builders, installation designers as well as engineers, carpenters and contractors, so we can make our clients’ visions a reality, in such a way that they can feel secure and safe.

Most viewed projects:


House project: Spruce  
Home area: 135 m2 


House project: Pine (House) 
Home area: 250 m2


House project: Yew 
Home area: 49 m2

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