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We are a design and construction company. Our company provides comprehensive construction of timber frame houses, prefabricated houses and houses using CLT technology. Through the entire process, our Clients are guided by experienced architects, designers and experienced contractors, which allows us to implement the assumed project. Thanks to our team, we build modern houses that meet high standards of energy efficiency and construction. If you would like to live in a modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly house please contact us for a consultation +48 605 201 199. We will guide you through the entire process from the design to the constructed house.


Interesting Designs

Our projects feature the renowned architectural firm Milwicz Architekci, whose designs are simply moving.

Design Advice

Construction is a complex process that is difficult to go through alone. Meeting with a reliable specialist with expertise in both architecture and construction is an invaluable help. Live or online – as you prefer.


You entrust us with the entire construction process, you don’t have to worry about the work schedule and individual contractors. We will take care of your construction comprehensively.

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The foundation of a building depends on local soil conditions. Foundations are each time selected and recalculated by an authorized constructor. Most often, due to the thermal insulation and load-bearing capacity, we make houses on a foundation slab that ensures the stability of the structure and excellent thermal performance of the building.


Energy efficiency is one of our company’s pillars, so in our houses we use high quality breathable hard mineral wool with a large thickness, for the sake of the environment we do not use styrofoam board insulation in building walls.

Window Joinery

We use above average windows, so we only use 3 pane windows with warm installation. We use windows with parameters Ug=(0.5-0.6W/K*m2) allowing for very good thermal performance of the house.


A house can not only be energy efficient, but also produce energy. Our company cooperates with suppliers of photovoltaic systems, energy storage as well as solar roofs such as Sunroof or Solroof.

Mechanical Ventilation with Recuperation

In year-round homes, this type of ventilation provides the best air quality while being energy efficient, which is why we most often use mechanical ventilation with recuperation, or heat recovery, in homes.

Construction - certified wood

In our homes for both walls and ceilings and roof trusses we use only certified wood with sufficiently low moisture content, four-sided planed. Such prepared wood does not require the use of additional chemicals. Most often we use KVH and BSH wood providing the highest load-bearing capacity, durability and fire resistance. We also build houses using CLT technology.


The standard facade in our houses is natural softwood plank. If necessary, we also make plaster, stone or sheet metal elevations.

Underfloor Heating

The most efficient among heating methods is underfloor heating, which is why this solution is standard in our homes. We offer electric heating or, if necessary, heat pump heating. Decision depends on the house’s dimensions and heating method so that the solution is the best possible financially in the life cycle of the building.

Air Conditioning

For those who are concerned about the heat, or want to seasonally reheat the house, we also offer air conditioning. We work with an experienced and proven company that deals with such installations.

Our Partners

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